Covenant House Florida is committed to serving suffering children of the street with absolute respect and unconditional love.  Youth come to CHF in despair and out of options, abandoned by those who were supposed to care for them and protect them. 

Most of our youth have been raised in precarious circumstances, lacking the structure and guidance necessary to become strong faithful adults.  Through biblical inspiration we have structured our Pastoral Ministry Program in Orlando after Matthew 25: 34-36.  The moment they walk through our doors, we start tending to their immediate needs.  Food, shelter, clean clothes, and a safe place to sleep are immediately available. 

Our Pastoral Minister tends to their spiritual needs through planning a multitude of fun and relaxing outreach activities including bible studies, pastoral counseling, special events, and church services at local congregations. 

Our Pastoral Ministry Program has been made possible because of the support of The Chatlos Foundation.  The Chatlos Foundation has been instrumental in fostering faith, Christian education, spiritual growth, hope, and self-esteem among homeless youth in Central Florida.   

Fort Lauderdale

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